Effective, Safe, Sensible, and Non-threatening Education and Training for Dogs.

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The role of the Behavior Consultant is to help not only the dog but the entire family so that peace is restored to the home.

Implementing a SCIENTIFIC approach that is EFFECTIVE when the work is done;  I help you  motivate behavior COMPLIANCE and reinforce CALMNESS. I help you and your dog COMMUNICATE clearly and Respond Appropriately. 

My goal is to help your family create a Strong Dog-Family TEAM, successfully Reducing Stress, creating fluent Behavior Skills and Coping Mechanisms.  From Puppies to Adult Dogs I can help your Team build RELIABILITY & PREDICTABILITY into behavior, so that you and your dog ENJOY LIFE together.

Whether you need Obedience Skills, Basic Manners, or help with the EMOTIONAL WELL BEING of a fearful, anxious, or reactive dog;  I can help build the confidence, trust, and skills they need to enjoy your family and activities more, and so you enjoy including them as part of your family's activities.

I show you how to make behavior change a part of life, not  a chore.  I make it FUN, so that everybody enjoys, everybody learns, & everybody wants to participate.


Having a Behavior Consultant on your team can provide you the benefit of:

  • Improvement of basic training requirements.

  • Reduction of problem behaviors especially relating to fear, anxiety, and reactivity.

  • Improved relationship and bond with dog and family.

  • Building of the Dog/Family Team.

My Clients:

Have the dog you always imagined.


I earned my early animal husbandry and training knowledge the way most people do, working with the family dogs. In 2001 I continued my animal husbandry and education career while working as a naturalist for the Orange County CA, Department of Education. In 2004 I adopted an abandoned and badly abused 3-month-old puppy. The severity and destructiveness of the behavioral issues plaguing Flaco compelled me to focus my education, training and behavior skills towards working with fearful, anxious, and reactive dogs. Since then I have spent over 15 years working, caring for and training dogs in kennels, shelters, and rescues.

After completing 6 months of Independent Study and becoming a NJ State Certified Animal Control Officer and Animal Cruelty Investigator, I began a hands-on curriculum Canine Behavior Consultant program. Through this year-long program I was able to learn from instructors who are elite in the field of canine behavior like Barbara Handelman, Kathy Cascade, Peggy Swager & Chris Redenbach.

Using sensible, scientific, & non-threatening techniques to educate families, and improve the behavior and management of these challenging dogs. I assist families who have fearful, anxious, and reactive dogs modify the problem behaviors and emotions of these dogs and improve the relationships of families with their dogs. The goal I have is to create a strong Family-Dog Team & help keep these dogs in their homes, with the people who love them. I am currently completing my nationally recognized Canine Behaviorist Certification through the IAABC. In addition to BrindleDog Behavior Services private consults and specialized clinics, I run courses for fearful and reactive dogs at a local training school, and volunteer at Sammy’s Hope Rescue, in Parlin, NJ.


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