Team Dansby

We were so hopeless with our dog who, in our eyes, became “randomly” aggressive.

From the first phone call with Aly, I knew she was going to tremendously help us.

She listened to every problem we had before we even hired her and began helping us right over the phone with tips and advice.

We were able to quickly schedule an appointment with her and she spent over 5 hours with us and did not leave out any problem we had on that first visit. We went through it all!

She gave us easy games to play with Dansby to get him started and we saw tremendous improvement after just the first visit. We are now at only 3 visits later and our dog has mostly returned to his previously sweet self. While there is a lot more work on our part to be done, we are eternally grateful.

Once Dansby has mastered all of the games she wrote up (very clearly!) for us, we plan to have her back to help us out to make our Dansby the best dog ever. Additionally, there were probably at least 3-4 times when things weren’t going our way between her visits and Aly called and spent an hour on the phone each time explaining exactly what should be done and making sure we knew what to do.

She remains open to our phone calls even though we don’t have future appointments scheduled and states she will remain open to phone calls for the rest of Dansby’s life.

It truly shows from the very first minute how much Aly cares about the well being of the dog and the family members.

I would recommend her x 1 million to everyone whether you have behavioral problems or even just want a better bond with your dog.

We are so so happy to have found her!!  

Thank you Aly for all that you do!

Team Dansby is made of Rock Stars! Stories like Dansby’s are why BrindleDog Behavior Services exists. To give you back your peace, your safety, your bliss, to keep your family strong and together. You committed yourselves to the hard work and sometimes to the really small steps that lead to your continued success. I am honored to able to be a part of your Team. Aly