We are so pleased with Alyson, her methods and the results we got working together as “Team Helga” that we’ve nothing but praise for BrindleDog Behavior Services!

Team Helga

We were patiently guided through easy to digest exercises that, when combined with the homework…

yes, there is homework;

…Produced an understanding of how Helga comprehends things/situations and how to build the behavior we wanted.

The reports provided are detailed and great “go-back-to” references.

The frequent, but short duration exercises Alyson taught us … & lots of positive reinforcement have given us the relationship we’ve always wanted with our Helga.

When Helga came to us she had fear and trust issues. I am happy to say Helga is now a happy, well adjusted family member that no longer fears strangers, or other dogs.

What a gift that is for Team Helga! I highly recommend BrindleDog Behavior Services. We all learned something!