I am a disabled man in my mid-50’s.  I have very limited mobility.

Team Pilgrim

My dog Pilgrim is not registered as a therapy dog but he might as well be because I live way out in the country, can’t get out much anymore. With the exception of my wife, who works most everyday, I don’t have much human contact. …

Pilgrim is my boy I depend greatly upon his companionship…

He is part Rottweiler and part Doberman. He is mostly well behaved. He is a big dog (125 lbs.) who is almost 10 years old.

His aging has exposed a very serious issue with Pilgrim

He has never let anybody clip his toenails. This was not a problem when he was younger and more active.

It doesn’t sound like a big deal but it really is because Pilgrim’s “claws” have scratched and cut me. Pilgrim’s nails were making it look as if it were painful for him to walk around.

The last time he got his toenails clipped, the vet had to give him medical sedation used for problem dogs.  Pilgrim had a bad reaction to it and fortunately Pilgrim survived.

Alyson has been working with me to teach techniques that now not only allow me to handle his paws (he never allowed that), but also made Nail Trimming enjoyable for both of us. The unanticipated added benefit is my bond with Pilgrim is much improved.

Because of my disability I can no longer play “tug” or walk Pilgrim very far or for very long so this is the perfect way to reconnect with Pilgrim without risk and to solve the toenail problem at the same time.

What has been accomplished with Pilgrim in a very short time is just short of a miracle. Alyson has a way with dogs that is almost mystical. So many people have tried to trim his nails and correct some of his other bad behaviors (vets, groomers, and other experts )  Only Alyson succeeded where no one else did. Alyson has done this without using medications or punishment – Just teaching Pilgrim – and I.

We are not all the way there yet, it is a process. I am already so pleased by the results. After this experience I am using BrindleDog Behavior Service to work on other far less serious issues with Pilgrim. 

BrindleDog is making it less difficult to care for my dog properly with my disability.  Thank You Alyson!