Alyson is absolutely amazing. She was referred to us after we rescued a 10-week-old mini Goldendoodle who had severe separation anxiety.

Team Abby Built strong relationship bonds with Trust and Confidence.

Abby was not crate-able and would break down in a state of hysteria when we tried leaving her (even in 5-10 minute increments). Not only would she go out of her mind and suffer in our absence, she ended up panting, drooling, peeing, and pooping all over herself at every attempt to crate her.

We were desperate to help calm her as well as get our lives back to normal.

From our first conversation with Alyson, I knew she would be able to help us.

She spent an hour on the phone asking detailed questions to begin learning about our puppy before we even met her.

Her first visit to our home gave us so much comfort and hope that we could help Abby grow through this stage. She is caring, compassionate, and insanely passionate about the well being of dogs. Everything she does is from the heart, and it shows.

She gave us short, frequent, and fun “games” , which weren’t overwhelming to us, and all helped Abby learn better behaviors as well as to trust us. At six months old, we’re now successfully leaving Abby confined for six hours at a time, right on track to where she should be for her age,

” Calm and Peaceful. “

“For anyone needing ANY kind of help with their dogs, Alyson is the person you want to bring into your family. I can’t imagine there’s a dog she can’t help. Don’t give up on your dog. Alyson can help. She’s truly wonderful.”

Crystal Szegeski

Thank You Crystal, Team Abby does great work. I’m so happy to know that I helped your family build a strong relationship and a more confident dog. Aly